The services covered by this warranty may only be used by consumers as mentioned above, subject to the following conditions.

The warranty is related to the first buyer (hereinafter: warranty) and is not transferable.

The manufacturer's warranty covers the territory of the country where the product was purchased for the first time.

The period for calculating the warranty period begins on the date of invoice for the delivery.

If there are material or production defects during this period, the manufacturer, as the guarantor under the warranty, will perform one of the following services at its sole discretion:

free replacement of the product with an equivalent one

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact the guarantor via "EMAIL"


The guarantor is





Phone: +48 506 423 919

Warranty claims are excluded in the event of damage to the goods in the event of:

abuse or mistreatment,

environmental influences (humidity, heat, surges, dust, etc.),

failure to observe possible precautions,

non-compliance with the operating instructions,

use of force (e.g. hit, shock, fall),

unauthorized repairs,

Warranty claims are also excluded if the purchased product has been modified in any way after delivery. This exclusion of alteration also applies if a warranty claim would essentially exist in accordance with the above conditions.

The warranty service can only be used if the guarantor has the opportunity to check the warranty case, Be careful to avoid damage during transport through proper packaging.

If a warranty claim is justified, the warranty will be billed for free warranty transportation in the territory of the country where the product was first purchased. In this case, the guarantor will reimburse any domestic shipping costs that may have been incurred.

If, on the other hand, international shipping (shipping and return) is required to handle the warranty, any additional costs will be borne by the policyholder, regardless of the acknowledgment of the warranty obligation.

Note: Your rights against us resulting from the sales contract concluded with us are in no way limited by this warranty. In particular, this warranty promise does not affect any existing statutory warranty rights against us. If the item you have purchased is defective, you can always make a warranty claim against us, whether there is a warranty or a warranty claim.